30 September, 2017

Wow what a trip! Norma ”Art Made Hollywood Frame Of Mind”
***Runner up BEST IN SHOW***
after BOB with 72 Shih Tzus at a very special show, Tibethund 2017!
I was so grateful to celebrate it with dear friends and specially happy for the cheering around the ring for my heart Norma! <3
Thank you all so much and also to Breed judge Darja Skok Lamut and to BIS judge Paul Stanton!
Also so grateful for all the help I got to get it all together… to be able to bring 2 dogs, 2 small kids (incl a 4-old who got high fever), on a 36 hours – 1300 km trip AND to be able to show at the same time! <3 Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for the great pics Kati Mäkelä (BR) and Iulian Vrabie Piccolo Tibet (TL)!