Born with Shih Tzu


It all started 1974…

How it all started

Since the day I opened my blue eyes, the dogs were a large part of my life. Yes, I have virtually grown up in a dog basket with dogs and learned from them. Luckily, I have at least stopped to crawl to the door and bark when the doorbell rings! 😉

The breed of my heart is obviously Shih Tzu and I have basically lived with this wonderful breed since 1974. I have also had the privilege to live together with many other wonderful breeds such as Lhasa Apso, Chinese Crested Dog, Danish-Swedish Farm Dog, Mexican Hairless Dog, Whippet, Dalmatian and Shetland Sheepdog. Yes, I certainly was not the child who needed to nag their parents to get a dog … so when my mother asked her daughter if she wanted to have her own Japanese Chin she got the answer

– No, I would rather have a soft ice cream down at the ferry … well it felt important at that time 😉 Can recognize that both the dog and glass desire sits in today!

One of the family’s dogs, the Shih-tzu Pay – Pågarnas Pay Attention was my first dog that I got inside the ring with at a dog show. We then competed in Children with dogs and with him my great interest in dog shows started.

We got to know Bodil Fossenius – Kennel Fossella who also came to be one of those people who have had the most influence on me regarding how a shih-tzu should be and look like. With this also came that 1986 Lina – Fossella Like Art Made followed us home, she was our first dog from Fossella. Lina was the sweet but ugly duckling that later on became a beautiful swan. With warmth of my heart, I can only say that I am so happy and proud to have lived with her. Also the judges saw her beauty and she had great success in the show rings throughout the years.

Pic to the right , Linda & Pay – Pics below, Lina & Kajsa

All about dogs


We also had a couple of dogs from Wig-Makers, Wig-Makers Joy Stick and Wig-Makers Nostalgia for Alma. Yes, except their carrier in the show ring it was with those two as my interest dog camps, courses and competitions in agility and obedience was an outlet for. 

When I was growing up I worked at a couple of kennels, both with Barbro Sabel, kennel Lady Chimas and with Cathy and Gordon Urquhart in England, Cathy’s Kennel – Shih-Tzu and kennel Urquhart – Papillon. It was during my time in England that I saw her – Rosaril Classical Jazz, WOW what a beautiful shih-tzu girl! So when Eunice Stephenson let me take one of Classical Jazz´s younger full siblings, Olivia – Rosaril The Temptress, happiness was perfect. I am still so grateful, honored and happy for that!

Alma in action

One of Olivia's puppies

Olivia rSBIS

Olivia and her litter

Olivia has always meant something special to me and with Olivia I also got my first own litter 1996. It was in Uppsala with the help of two student friends, mom and Bodil on the phone and Rose Åkersten – kennel Tangse driving from Stockhom whenever needed. Rose is the other person who has had great influence on me in my way of “thinking” shih-tzu.

I was then unable to keep any puppy and it was therefore even more important for me when I later in life got a granddaughter of Olivia, Kajsa – Fossella Icing On The Cake.

As I said, I have had the privilege to have both Bodil and Rose as my two great mentors in my history of dogs. I am forever grateful and extremely happy for this, to have access to their vast knowledge.


my great interest in dog shows started.

Art Made

As you probably gathered, the name of the kennel is from Lina – Fossella Like Art Made. From the time I was a teenager, this name has been in my thoughts and dreams and I hope it also may live a long time with a positive feeling about itself! 🙂