4 September, 2015

20150904 EDS

***European Winner 2015***

Art Made Hollywood Frame Of Mind

and on her first try, only 2,5 years old, Norma finish her C.I.B and NORDUCH! Out of 108 entries ends up as BOS, only beaten by the group winner Smiley wink. Thank you to judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe!

And… WOW what a trip! As always with a lot of excitement (car wise… ) ha ha ha we did make it to EDS Charlotte! 😀 Huge congratulations to you and Kummins “Popey’s Kum Kum” success as well!

Also so happy Normas granny Sari were there to share this special moment!

So enormously happy, proud and grateful to be both owner an breeder to this very special girl! ♥

Photo in the collage by Sari Wikström