Bitch     Born 2010-11-05     Co-owned with Anette & Rikard Bivefors


NORDV-08 SEV-09 SEUCHYung Lo´s Double Trouble DKUCH FIUCH INTUCH NUCH SEUCH SEV-03 Tangse Robin Fantasy DKUCH FIUCH SEUCH Ta Maria Red Rouser
JWW-98 NORDUCH Tangse Samantha Wee
EUW-06 FIV-04 INT&NORDUCH KBHV-03 NOUCH SEV-04 Fossella Smell Of Chanel SEUCH Tsantha Devil May Dare
SEUCH Tangse Sharon Wee
FIUCHCamelle Gentle Panda DEJUCH VDHCH DEUCH JMV-03 Cóng Táiyáng Tzu Chac C.I.B FI UCH VDH CH Lin-Pearl´s Kiss´N Me Kiss´N Yo
C.I.B. VDH CH LUX CH Lin-Pearl`s Viva Loca
FIUCH Fossella I Have Dream EUW-06 FIUCH INT&NORDUCH NOV-06 NORDV-05 SE&FI&KBH V-04 Fossella Kama Sutra
Fossella Love Me Do

Video of Pralinen on the move