Our furry family

Dogs living with us or with dear friends but still belonging to the family.


 Art Made Marilyn Monroe – Our happy, crazy and beautiful youngster and up coming star. Norma’s daughter and daddy is the Scottish – Finnish boy Sheldon.



Art Made Hollywood Frame Of Mind – The family’s princess and my top winning bitch in her best. Daughter to Bianca and Finnish daddy Wilho.



Art Made James Dean – our handsome young boy, brother to Marilyn,  living with Kajsa’s brother Wille and with my dear friend Marie and her family.


Art Made To Talk About – Bianca’s first girl together with the great Panda in Finland. Living with my dear aunt Nettan & uncle Ti close to me.  


Fossella Like Art Made – the queen in the house! Now retired but has had a fantastic career in the show ring. Out of two Fossela dogs, Lottie (daughter to my Olivia) and Morgan.


Yung-Lo’s Double Trouble – a very kind girl and a sweet combination of Fossella and Tangse lines. Now retired and just enjoying her life.